Metabolic fitness

Metabolic fitness

The human body is meant to burn both fat and sugar, yet for most of my life, I only burned sugar. As a result, I crashed often. 2500 calories of food going into a swim and I’d bonk like I had nothing to eat the whole day.

This happened so often I self diagnosed as hypo glycemic. I was special, I thought. I just needed to snack more often than most. It turns out this was false. I simply had an untrained metabolism.

Just as we must work out our muscles, we must also work out our metabolism. A weak metabolism burns only sugar. A strong metabolism can burn either.

f it, and a couple hours later you need another or you’ll crash. Fat, on the other hand, is a slow burn.

For the majority of my life, I burned mostly sugar. That meant that I self diagnosed

I ran every day. I ate well. I went to the gym. I swam. But I was broken. Every so often, I would suffer a hypoglycemic attack during workouts. I required energy gels for long run.

My energy wasn’t there when I needed it. I felt a slump in late afternoon, and